Minneapolis-based musician Wendy C Johnson received her degree in Classical Guitar Performance from the University of Minnesota in 2015.  She studied under Maja Radovanlija.  Since graduating, she has become involved with She Rock She Rock, a local Minnesota non-profit dedicated to empowering women, girls, and gender non-binary folks through the art of music.  She taught for three years as a part of their Girls’ Rock and Roll Retreat summer program and now serves as Vice Chair on the Board of Directors.  She also works for Hopewell Music Cooperative, a Minnesota non-profit dedicated to providing high quality music education to underserved folks in the North Minneapolis community.  Wendy believes that music is one of the best ways to create understanding between people and empower them to be positive forces in the world.  In addition to her involvement with She Rock She Rock and Hopewell Music Cooperative, Wendy has performed in a variety of venues around the Twin-Cities both instrumentally and vocally.  She teaches guitar and songwriting at El Diablo amps and guitars in Northeast Minneapolis and offers in-home lessons through Opus Music Academy.

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