Wendy C Johnson is now Tzipporah!

It’s pronounced Zee-poh-ra

Music and musings by Minneapolis-based guitarist and singer/songwriter Tzipporah. Feel free to click around!


New Music and Name Change: For so long, so many of you have known me as Wendy C Johnson. After a long internal debate and probably too much red wine, I have decided to change my name (again) and begin performing under my Hebrew name, Tzipporah. I will be releasing my sophomore EP under this new name sometime in late January. Keep an eye on my socials, as that is where I will be announcing that release!

Learn from Tzipporah: I am actively searching for students! If you or someone you know would like guitar lessons please contact me HERE!

Lessons will be at El Diablo Amps and Guitars.

Lesson rates: $20 per half hour lesson. $40 per one hour lesson.

The Art of Rebellion: Adina, Jasper, and I have taken a hiatus from this project to pursue other artistic and creative ventures. We do plan on starting this project back up at a later point. Thanks so much to everyone who has supported our unapologetically Jewish and rebellious selves in this endeavor and well will be back to fight the system together soon!


I am taking a hiatus from performing to finish up my new recording project, but I will be back at it once it is released!