17834305_10154985317257293_3759313052899971065_o.jpgMusic by Minneapolis-based musician Wendy C Johnson.

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New Music: My sophomore EP coming soon. New and never before heard music by yours truly. More details to come!

Learn from Wendy: I am actively searching for students! If you or someone you know would like guitar lessons please contact me HERE!

Lessons will be at El Diablo Amps and Guitars.

Lesson rates: $20 per half hour lesson. $40 per one hour lesson.


The Art of Rebellion: I’m teaming up with rad local Jewish poets Jasper Rubin Hardin and Adina Burke to create a performance art series centered around themes of Jewish rebellion and healing from ancestral trauma through art. Upcoming performance dates will be listed in the “Gigs!” section below. Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far!


Upcoming shows will be posted here as they come up, so stay tuned!