Wendy C Johnson is now Tzipporah!

It’s pronounced Zee-poh-ra

Music and musings by Minneapolis-based guitarist and singer/songwriter Tzipporah. Feel free to click around!


“Ain’t No Power – EP” Out Now!


Old Music Also Available

Learn from Tzipporah: I am actively searching for students! If you or someone you know would like guitar lessons please contact me HERE!

Lessons will be at El Diablo Amps and Guitars.

Lesson rates: $20 per half hour lesson. $40 per one hour lesson.

The Art of Rebellion: Adina, Jasper, and I have taken a hiatus from this project to pursue other artistic and creative ventures. We do plan on starting this project back up at a later point. Thanks so much to everyone who has supported our unapologetically Jewish and rebellious selves in this endeavor and well will be back to fight the system together soon!


Due to the rapidly deteriorating situation surrounding COVID-19 and its spread, both release shows with GIOIA, Allegra Hernandez, and Jess Morrison are postponed until the worst of this pandemic is over. In the meantime if you would like to support me as an artist through this difficult time, you can purchase my music using the buttons above. I’m also working on some merch, so stay tuned for announcements about that. In the meantime wash your hands and stay safe out there!